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- Custom RF Gloves (S6)
- Custom Start Item
- Custom Interdace (S6)
- Speed SkillHack auto bloc account
- Add PK disable shop option
- Add PK disable trade option
- Add SummonMonsterRate in CustomMonster.txt
- Show ping in game option
- Show Fps in game option
- Stop Auto Reset when vip is over
- Fix auto move from Icarus if dinorant/fenrir died
- Fix Custom CommandInfo (S8)
- Fix DL Summon Party Skill (PK)
- Fix Pk Item drop to PkLevel 3 only
- Fix BuyVip + CustomStore
- Fix GuildWareHouse + Lock command
- Fix Reset remove zen
- Fix OffPvp command in Events
- Fix RankUser in GameMaster
- Fix Start event option
- Fix in Disconnect Accounts
- Fix Npc Quest Add Buff

- Add Duel MaxScore Option
- Add CustomMove to CustomNpcCommand
- Add CustomExchangeCoin to CustomNpcCommand
- Add Pk Drop Item by map Option
- Add Berserker buff(SUM) in Custom Attack
- Auto Reward Online Users System
- Auto Party buff Mana shield in Custom Attack
- Custom Exchange Coin Command
- Custom Duel Bet
- Custom Mix
- Custom disable item glow
- Guils vs Guils Event
- Skill Summon enable PK Move Option
- MapManager.txt updated
- Skill Damage System
- Guild Assistant/Battle Master can get Cs Crown
- Fix S6 Duel Score with Custom Interface S1/S2/S3
- Fix update MasterReset/Reset in rank user
- Fix Master Reset check in Custom Move
- Fix Guild Warehouse Dupe


Download: Mu Server

Download: Cliente com items

Download: Cliente Limpo

Download: Season 8 PatchV2

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